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Available Services

We also provide a range of confidential services to Government and Non-Government Organisations, contact us today to enquire regarding services not listed below.

For all Family Mediation enquiries please click here to be directed to Third Party Mediation, our domestic branch. 

International Alternative Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise in international trade and business, the disruption to all parties is substantial and the costs can sky rocket.

International trade law is complex, and a mediated settlement is likely to be reached faster and considerably cheaper than arbitration or litigation, where the outcome is more reflective of the legalities than the parties’ interests. Consequently, mediation is being increasingly chosen as the preferred method to resolve international trade and business disputes.

Conflict Management Prevention Systems and Training

Conflict is present in everyday life and the workplace is not immune. The cost, in terms of morale and, ultimately, productivity can be considerable.

Organisations, whether small, medium or large, need conflict resolution systems to provide the early identification and prompt management of conflict before it harms your business. We can help your organisation to design and implement these systems, as well as provide conflict resolution coaching for your staff.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

You need to focus on the business, not

be distracted by onerous, time-

consuming, expensive disputes.

That’s where ADRC comes in. We help businesses to minimise and resolve disputes, quickly and economically, so that you can get back to business. Each dispute deserves a particular dispute resolution process, and we tailor a process to address your dispute, helping you to preserve business relationships and minimise damage to productivity.

Mediation Support Training for Lawyers

Lawyers’ training is largely adversarial (win/lose) and client-focused, whereas

ADR focuses more on maintaining relationships and achieving mutually

beneficial outcomes.

Consequently, we have been increasingly approached by lawyers seeking training, not as mediators, but in how to support their clients in a mediation process.

We now conduct such training for individuals, law firms and corporate legal departments.

International Mediation Certification

ADRC provides 3 levels of training. 

ADRC has successfully met the independent international standards for mediator assessment established by the International Mediation Institute (IMI). As an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP), ADRC is authorized to assess and qualify mediators for IMI Certification.

Level 1 (ADRC Accreditation) is based on the Australian competencies for mediators, 

Level 2 (ADRC International Certification) is further in depth training and assessment for international mediators

Level 3 (IMI Certification and ADRC International Certification) Mediators become 'IMI Certified' once they are submitted to IMI by ADRC, and all relevant supporting documents are received/processed.  Certified mediators are then authorized to use the IMI Certified Mediator logo upon completion of certification process.”

Conference Speaking Engagements / University Lecturing 

ADRC has been proud to have Delcy speak at a range of leading global conferences and meetings; not limited to; the United Nations, The Singapore Convention, APCAM International ADRC Summits, conduct university lectures (in South America, Australia, Europe), and more. Contact us today to enquire about our availability to lecture at your university or speak at your conference.

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