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Third Party Mediation

Established in 2006, Third Party Mediation has successfully mediated over 3,000 cases, gaining a reputation of integrity and professionalism. Third Party Mediation is one of the founding mediation providers in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra.


One of the main priorities in family mediations is ensuring the involved parties receive the support they require, in order to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Our founder Delcy has pioneered a process where parties are welcome to involve their legal advisors in the mediation to provide them support, thus reducing stress and increasing transparency. 

When children are involved in the process, our Mediators go the extra mile to ensure that the number one focus is on the mental and physical wellbeing of the children, as long drawn out legal processes can result in unnecessary trauma.

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How we can support you through Mediation

We offer multiple mediations services;

Child Informed Mediation

A mediation process with the intervention of a child psychologist to understand the views of the children, without requiring them in the mediation room, this reduces stress to the children by ensuring they are not forced to witness conversations which may be detrimental to their wellbeing whilst still allowing them to share their thoughts and feelings about what they hope for. 

Family Mediation (Child Matters)

Our team prides itself on ensuring the priority throughout the mediation process is of protecting the children's best interests, whilst being empathetic to the feelings of their caregivers and family. This empathetic approach has been key to ensuring the ongoing success of thousands of Mediation Settlement Agreements over the decades, reducing the occurrence of future disputes and therefore positively influencing thousands of families to foster more amicable relationships, to the benefit of their children.

Family Mediation (Property Mediation)

Understanding the sentimental value of a home and its objects is important to our Mediators, we won't just read the valuation and ignore the feelings attached- we believe in humanising the legal process in order to better support both parties to reach a mutually agreeable Mediation Settlement Agreement.

Family Mediation (Communication)

Through the thousands of cases we have reached agreements in we created methods of mediation that successfully resolved even the largest of disagreements and communication blockages, we are passionate about creating an environment that facilitates transparent communication, reading between the lines to understand what each party truly wants, below the surface level.

Family mediation enquiries

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